Haywood & Jackson is a supplier of embankment location platforms for use on railways. Typically used for location cases or cabinets, our platforms are designed using a flexible modular system. Each module is designed to house a standard industry size single location case or cabinet. Its flexible design allows additional modules to be added (up to 4 modules) to accommodate larger or multiple units at a single trackside location. We can also supply location platforms of 5 or more modules.

A standard module is supplied with handrails, ladders and gates providing optimum safety for operatives when accessing location platforms trackside.

Additional Information

Designed for quick and easy installation

Our platforms are suitable for installation on piled or concrete foundations and by changing the position of the ladders and gates, can be installed up or down embankment. The platforms are supplied in kit form and delivered on site for quick and easy installation.

All of our embankment location platforms are manufactured using CE marked steel up to Execution Class 3 and designed to Network Rail standards.


  • Manufactured using mild galvanised steel & GRP.
  • Modular system design for up to 4 units.
  • Standard industry size design.
  • Easy relocation of gate and ladder for up/down embankment installation.
  • No need to clean off ballast. • 25 year + product lifespan.
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